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TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.
A New Explicit Time Integration Algorithm for Nonlinear Seismic Response Analysis of Site Zhao Mi, Wang Yadong, Gao Zhidong, Duan Yawei and Du Xiuli 2019,14(4):699-706
Seismic Fragility Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Plant Structure Considering the Influence of Infilled Walls Liang Zhiqiang, Xu Chao and Wen Zenping 2019,14(4):707-718
Some Technical Notes on the Data Processing of the Spectral Ratio Based on the Strong-motion Records Yao Xinxin, Ren Yefei, Wen Ruizhi and Dai Jiawei 2019,14(4):719-730
Application of the Discrete Fréchet Distance in Site Classifications at Strong Motion Stations Liang Jiguan, Cheng Yin and Zhao Cen 2019,14(4):731-741
Experimental Study on the Influence of Consolidation Time on Dynamic Characteristics of Soft Soil Lan Jingyan, Wang Yanwei, Cao Zhenzhong and Liu Juan 2019,14(4):742-749
Study on Failure Mode and Deformation Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Columns Liu Ke, Huangjiao, Ma Yudong, Zhangning and Su Jizhi 2019,14(4):750-759
Study On Seismic Resistance Situation and Treatment Methods on Brick-wood Structure Houses in Towns and villages of Hanzhong Guo Guangling and Zhang Min 2019,14(4):760-768
Research on Seismic Performance of Reactive Powder Concrete Square Columns Confined With FRP Tubes Deng Zongcai and Gu Jiapei 2019,14(4):769-780
Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Small and Medium Span Girder Bridges Considering the Sliding of Bearing and Shear Key Damage Song Shuai, Wang Shuai and Wu Gang 2019,14(4):781-789
Parametric Study on the Residual Displacement Spectra Li Yu, Liang Yadong and Li Chen 2019,14(4):790-796
New Finding of Earthquake Surface Rupture on Zhongdian-Daju Fault CHENG Li, SU Gang, LI Guangtao, YIN Gongming, WU Hao and YU Jianqiang 2019,14(4):797-809
The study on extraction of seismic damage of buildings from remote sensing image based on fully convolutional neural network Chen Meng and Wang Xiaoqing 2019,14(4):810-820
The Review of Serious Earthquake Across the Globe Jia Hanxi, Lin Junqi and Liu Jinlong 2019,14(4):821-828
Seismic-resistence Survey and Statistical Study of Rural buildings in Yuxian Ma xudong, Niu lu, Liu xiaodan, Liu long, Mao yuanzhe, Guan hengyu, Liu jiajia and Liu zhihui 2019,14(4):829-837
Research on Promotion Strategy of Indoor Emergency Earthquake Shelters Based on Integration for Normal Time and Disaster Time Jiang Lianyan 2019,14(4):838-845
Anomaly of Outgoing Long-wave Radiation before the M7.0 Jiuzhaigou Earthquake on August 8, 2017 Dai Yong, Gao Lixin, Gegeng, Chasi, Liu Yongmei and Pei Dongyang 2019,14(4):846-853
Analysis of the Jingle Well Water-level Anomaly Based on Numerical Simulation and Aquifer Stress Inversion Zhang Shuliang, Li Hongwei, Lv Fang and Chen Hui 2019,14(4):854-868
Analysis of public knowledge about Earthquake Sicence in Yunnan's focal earthquake monitoring and defense area Lv Jiali, Zhang Fanghao, Li Zhaolong, Deng Shurong and Cao Yanbo 2019,14(4):869-881
The popular science research on earthquake prevention and disaster reduction from the perspective of citizen's scientific quality——Taking Japan and the United States as examples Lu Wenjing, Guo Haoran, Sun Chunxian and Xia Wenjun 2019,14(4):882-889
Design and Implementation of Building Information Collection System Based on WeChat Public Platform Guo Hongmei, Zhao Zhen and Zhang Ying 2019,14(4):890-898