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  2019,Vol.14no.2 ,page:438-445

The Status of Ion, Gas and Other Items of Groundwater Observation in Seismological Geochemistry
Abstract:      Ion, gas and other items of groundwater observation are important parts of seismic underground fluid observation network, which play the important roles in earthquake monitoring and prediction. In this article we review the three aspects of the scale, the quality of observation data and the application of earthquake monitoring and prediction in China. The background dynamic changes of ion, gas and other items is also analyzed. Our results show some problems in groundwater observation in recent years such as insufficient projects, lack of data quality evaluation system and lack of effective management of network. In the future, we need to reorganize the observation items better, to improve the instrument renewal mechanism, to strengthen the management of the networks, and to set up personnel training mechanism.
Author NameAffiliation
Fan Chunyan China Earthquake Networks Center, Beijing 100045, China 
Chen Huajing China Earthquake Networks Center, Beijing 100045, China 
Chen Qifeng Liaocheng Seismological Station, Shandong Earthquake Agency, Liaocheng 252000, Shandong, China 
Qian Jianxiu The Institute of Disaster Prevention, Sanhe 065201, Hebei, China 
Keywords:    Ion  Gas  Seismological geochemistry
Received on:  April 02, 2018
摘要:    地震地球化学离子、气体成分等其它观测项目是地震地下流体观测网的重要组成部分,在地震监测预报工作中发挥了重要作用。本文对观测项目的规模、观测数据质量和数据预报应用3方面进行分析,梳理了地球化学离子、气体成分等观测项目的背景变化规律;指出近年来观测规模急剧缩小、观测数据评价体系不完善、台网管理缺失严重等现状;并提出需清理观测项目、完善仪器更新机制、加强台网管理和建立人员培训机制等建议。
关  键  词:离子  气体  地球化学
引用本文格式:樊春燕,陈华静,陈其峰,钱建秀.地震地球化学离子、气体成分等其它测项观测现状[J].震灾防御技术英文版,2019,14(2):438-445  DOI:10.11899/zzfy20190217