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  2019,Vol.14no.2 ,page:456-463

Development of Simple Intensity Meter in Tianjin Early Warn Experimental Site
Abstract:      In this project, 80 simple seismic intensity meter observation sites were built in Tianjin. These observation sites composed with the observation network with earthquake monitoring stations and strong ground motion stations together in Tianjin, and these stations are of real-time transmission capabilities. The observation network has preliminarily realized the earthquake warning function. After the completion of the project, it will greatly improve the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction capacity of Tianjin, provide earthquake warning information to the government and society, and carry out earthquake warning information service test. This paper discussed construction situation of the test site, station distribution, instrument performance index, data processing and data recording. The preliminary understanding of the application of simple intensity meter in early warning network is also discussed.
Author NameAffiliation
Xu Ke Tianjin Earthquake Agency, Tianjin 300201, China 
Guo Wei Tianjin Earthquake Agency, Tianjin 300201, China 
Gao Ye Tianjin Earthquake Agency, Tianjin 300201, China 
Liu Yanli Tianjin Earthquake Agency, Tianjin 300201, China 
Liu Ruirui Tianjin Earthquake Agency, Tianjin 300201, China 
Keywords:    Simple intensity meter  Earthquake early warning  Experimental site  Seismic noise
Received on:  September 10, 2018
摘要:    通过建设80个简易烈度计观测点,与天津行政区内具备实时传输能力的测震台站和强震动台站共同组建了天津地震预警观测网络,初步实现了地震预警功能,提升了天津行政区的防震减灾能力,同时开展地震预警信息服务试验,为政府和社会提供地震预警信息。本文介绍了天津简易烈度计地震预警试验区的建设情况、台站分布情况、仪器性能指标、数据处理及数据记录情况,并探讨了简易烈度计在预警台网中的应用,获得了初步认识。
关  键  词:简易烈度计  地震预警  试验区  噪声
引用本文格式:许可,郭巍,高也,柳艳丽,刘瑞瑞.天津简易烈度计地震预警试验区建设[J].震灾防御技术英文版,2019,14(2):456-463  DOI:10.11899/zzfy20190219