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  2019,Vol.14no.4 ,page:707-718

Seismic Fragility Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Plant Structure Considering the Influence of Infilled Walls
Abstract:      The diagonal strut was used to simulate the action of the longitudinal in-filled walls, and the plant structure model with and without in-filled walls was established. The Latin Hypercube Sampling was used to establish structural analysis samples considering material uncertainties, and based on random Pushover analysis, the statistical parameters of different failure states of structures were determined. Considering the influence of the uncertainties of structural material strength and input ground motion, the fragility of single-story reinforced concrete plant structure was studied using nonlinear dynamic time history analysis. On this basis, the difference between transverse and longitudinal fragility of structure was compared and the influence of in-filled walls on the fragility of structure was studied. The results show that the transverse seismic fragility of reinforced concrete plant structure is significantly greater than the longitudinal seismic fragility, and the in-filled walls will obviously reduce the longitudinal seismic fragility of the structure. However, under the same seismic intensity, the damage of the in-filled walls is more serious than that of the main structure, which is consistent with the actual seismic damage characteristics of the plant structures.
Author NameAffiliation
Liang Zhiqiang Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing 100081, China 
Xu Chao Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing 100081, China 
Wen Zenping Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing 100081, China 
Keywords:    Reinforced concrete plant building  Seismic fragility  Latin Hypercube Sampling  Random Pushover analysis  In-filled walls
Received on:  April 11, 2019
摘要:    采用对角斜撑模拟纵向填充墙的作用,建立考虑填充墙和不考虑填充墙厂房结构模型,采用拉丁超立方抽样技术建立考虑材料不确定性的结构分析样本,基于随机Pushover分析确定结构不同破坏状态下的统计参数。综合考虑结构材料强度及输入地震动不确定性的影响,通过非线性时程分析开展单层钢筋混凝土厂房结构易损性研究,在此基础上比较结构横、纵向易损性的差异,研究填充墙对结构易损性的影响。研究结果表明:钢筋混凝土厂房结构体系横向地震易损性显著大于纵向地震易损性;对纵向结构体系而言,加入填充墙会明显降低结构易损性,但在相同强度的地震动作用下,填充墙破坏程度比主体结构严重,这与厂房结构的实际震害特征相符。
关  键  词:钢筋混凝土工业厂房  地震易损性  拉丁超立方抽样  随机Pushover分析填充墙
引用本文格式:梁志强,徐超,温增平.考虑填充墙影响的钢筋混凝土厂房结构地震易损性分析[J].震灾防御技术英文版,2019,14(4):707-718  DOI:10.11899/zzfy20190402