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  2019,Vol.14no.4 ,page:760-768

Study On Seismic Resistance Situation and Treatment Methods on Brick-wood Structure Houses in Towns and villages of Hanzhong
Abstract:      Based on the investigation on the current situation of brick-wood structure houses in rural areas of Hanzhong, this study analyzed the structure types, pattern of Design and Construction, construction locations, foundation treatment measures and the in base forms, and the villagers' safety awareness in earthquake and the seismic resistance methods. In addition, it introduced and analyzed the damage rules, damage causes and main effect factors, by referring to the earthquake damage information and related literature and also proposed the treatment methods, the recommendations and the countermeasures for the brick-wood structure houses in Hanzhong.
Author NameAffiliation
Guo Guangling Shanxi University of Technology, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Hanzhong 723000, Shanxi, China 
Zhang Min Liuba County Bureau of urban-rural and housing construction, Liuba 724100, Shanxi, China 
Keywords:    Towns and villages  Brick-wood structure houses  Seismic resistance situation  Treatment methods
Received on:  October 24, 2018
摘要:    基于对汉中村镇既有砖木结构现状的调查,分析汉中村镇既有砖木结构的结构类型、设计方式、建造地域地段、地基处理措施和结构基础形式、村民抗震安全意识和房屋抗震构造设防情况等。通过查阅地震震害资料和相关文献,简述和分析砖木结构房屋的震害规律、破坏原因和主要影响因素,提出改善汉中村镇砖木结构房屋的抗震现状及处理方法,并对如何提高既有和新建村镇砖木结构房屋的抗震能力给出建议和对策。
关  键  词:村镇  砖木结构房屋  抗震现状  处理方法
引用本文格式:郭光玲,张敏.汉中村镇砖木结构房屋抗震现状及处理方法研究[J].震灾防御技术英文版,2019,14(4):760-768  DOI:10.11899/zzfy20190407