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  2019,Vol.14no.4 ,page:838-845

Research on Promotion Strategy of Indoor Emergency Earthquake Shelters Based on Integration for Normal Time and Disaster Time
Abstract:      In view of the extreme lack of indoor earthquake emergency shelters in China and the inability to promote them, this paper introduces the construction experiences of indoor emergency shelters at home and abroad and the current status of earthquake sheltering standards in China, puts forward suggestions on integrating the current mandatory standards for shelters and optimizing the recommended standards of emergency shelter structures based on the Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China. This article also analyzes and discusses the factors influencing the seismic fortification standards of emergency shelter structures, and proposed some thoughts and references for promoting indoor emergency shelters based on the principle of integration for normal time and disaster time, combined with the earthquake fortification and construction scale of primary and secondary schools in China.
Author NameAffiliation
Jiang Lianyan Beijing Earthquake Agency, Beijing 100080, China 
Keywords:    Integration for normal time and disaster time  Indoor earthquake emergency shelters  Emergency shelter structures  Seismic fortification standard
Received on:  March 27, 2019
摘要:    针对我国室内地震应急避难场所极度缺乏、无法推进的现状,本文介绍了国内外室内避难场所的建设经验及我国现行避难场所抗震设防标准现状,提出依据《中华人民共和国标准化法》,整合现行避难场所强制性标准、完善避难场所推荐性标准的建议。并分析、探讨影响避难建筑设防标准的因素,结合我国中小学校抗震设防及建筑规模,给出基于“平灾结合”原则推进室内应急避难场所建设的建议。
关  键  词:平灾结合  室内地震应急避难场所  避难建筑  抗震设防标准
引用本文格式:姜连艳.“平灾结合”推进室内地震应急避难场所建设的策略研究[J].震灾防御技术英文版,2019,14(4):838-845  DOI:10.11899/zzfy20190415