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  2019,Vol.14no.4 ,page:899-906

Design and realization of Seismological Standardization Work Platform
Abstract:      Seismological Standardization is a systematic project, integrating research, management and service. Work platform based on the Internet can integrate the systematic resource, and normalize and optimize the systematic running. The paper, based on building a practice platform, discussed the general principle, the needs, the contents, the frame and the methods of Seismological Standardization work platform.
Author NameAffiliation
He Rui Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, China 
Zhang Yi Seismological Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China 
ZHANG Hexiang Basic Department, Institute of Disaster Prevention, Sanhe 065201, China 
Feng Yijun Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, China 
Gao Jie Ding yue tian heng Technologies Co. Ltd, China 
Ji Cuiling China Meteorological Administration, China 
Lu Haiyan China Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center, China 
Liu Hongjun Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, China 
Keywords:    Seismological standardization  Work platform  Internet
Received on:  March 21, 2019
摘要:    地震标准化是集研究、管理和服务于一体的系统性工程。基于互联网的工作平台有利于整合系统资源,规范和优化系统的运转过程。本文参考地震标准化工作平台的建设经验,讨论该平台建设的一般原则、需求、框架、功能和实现方法等。
关  键  词:地震标准化  工作平台  互联网
引用本文格式:和锐,张翼,张鹤翔,冯义钧,高杰,纪翠玲,卢海燕,刘红俊.地震标准化工作平台的设计与实现[J].震灾防御技术英文版,2019,14(4):899-906  DOI:10.11899/zzfy20190421