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  2019,Vol.14no.4 ,page:917-925

An Automatic Release System for the Process-driven Multi-dimensional Seismic Information
Abstract:      A process-driven multi-dimensional seismic information automatic publishing system, considering the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, is designed and implemented in this paper to solve the problems of multiple information sources, multiple distribution channels, and multiple content forms in the process of seismic information release. The paper introduces the system by expounding its design ideas, the seismic information processing process, and the information release mode and illustrating the increased relevance and effectiveness of seismic information dissemination through the use of process-driven and adapter-expanding technologies. This system is currently adopted in the earthquake bureau of Hunan province and has become one of the most important earthquake-related information release system.
Author NameAffiliation
Tang Hongliang Hunan Earthquake Agency, Changsha 410004, China 
Shuai Xianghua China Earthquake Networks Center, Beijing 100045, China 
Kang Chengxu Hunan Earthquake Agency, Changsha 410004, China 
Zhang Xing Sichuan digital Internet of things technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu 610011, China 
Keywords:    Process-driven  Multi-dimensional  Seismic information  Automatically release system
Received on:  January 18, 2019
摘要:    结合平时与震时防震减灾工作的需要,为解决地震信息发布过程中存在的多信息来源、多发布途径、多内容形式的问题,设计实现流程驱动的多维度地震信息自动化发布系统。阐述该系统的设计思路、地震信息处理过程及信息发布模式,利用流程驱动和适配器扩展技术提升地震信息发布的针对性和有效性。目前,该系统已在湖南省地震局得到应用,且已成为湖南省地震信息发布的重要平台之一。
关  键  词:流程驱动  多维度  地震信息  自动发布
引用本文格式:唐红亮,帅向华,康承旭,张鑫.流程驱动的多维度地震信息自动化发布系统研究与实现[J].震灾防御技术英文版,2019,14(4):917-925  DOI:10.11899/zzfy20190423